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"View distortion" on large image sizes when zoomed

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This bug appears to happen with fairly large images when attempting to "zoom into" them.

At the maximum allowed zoom value coordinates become distorted (proportionally to image size), and using most of tools becomes rather problematic.

In given example image (see attachment or http://i.solidfiles.net/17a01cff89.png ), Paint.net goes to such zoom value (and effect) from 400% zoom, skipping 800% (entering 800 into zoom level box manually leads to this same strange zoom).

I understand that Paint.net is probably not intended to be used with very large images at close zoom, however this does not seem to be correct limiting behavior either.

Have a nice day.


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The capped zoom level has to do with WinForms' (or rather, Win32/User32's) coordinate space limitation of 32K x 32K pixels. Heck, if you were to create an image that was 64K pixels in one direction, you'd only be able to zoom to a max of 50%. That's fixed in 4.0 because I totally rewrote the entire canvas renderer (GPU accelerated to boot).

The distortion is probably just another artifact of the current canvas renderer's limitations. I'm not seeing it in my local build of 4.0.

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