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  1. It has been a little while. Has anything changed? Or does one still need to add a text field (for specifying image path) just for transparency support?
  2. I would also quite like an update or response on things I reported and asked about. One other thing spotted is, that, if using Paint.net on touch screen enabled device, painting becomes more than very problematic if zoomed in (till there are scrollbars) - half of time device recognizes brush stroke as a swipe, and scrolls the image instead. A plain "won't do/won't fix" also works, so I'd know that I should start developing a plugin or toolset instead of blindly waiting.
  3. Well that's the thing - it no longer works like that. While primitives used to be separate tools, it did. Now that they are joined into a single one, it doesn't switch between types anymore. Update: Also take this crashlog - I was just trying to select some pixels to narrow down area to adjust alpha in, and then... the semicommon "Paint.net encountered an error. Would you like to restart it or not?". Knowing that I'm going to loose 15 minutes worth of mouse selection work, I click no. And it crashes completely . Kind of embarrassing, isn't it.
  4. Whoa, that's pretty great. Nice move with toolbar and menu realignment. Am yet to experiment enough with new way non-brush tools work, but paint bucket already proves very useful for colouring or recolouring images. Two requests though: Make it so it's possible to cycle through different tools with keyboard shortcuts (O+digit?). I'm periodically using Paint.net on a Windows 8 powered tablet, and tapping UI buttons can be challenging. Precision is resolved by using a third-party tool to add properly sized touch buttons that emulate keystrokes on active window, but with some of tools no longer accessible through keyboard shortcuts using this becomes more problematic. Make point count in bezier curves and splines adjustable. This should be quite simple to do, and make a good of use, since it's not always 4-point curves that are needed.
  5. Edited first post with description on what everything does. Since options work separately for colour and alpha, it would take a lot of images to show everything. About comparison to other plugins: Color Replace - seems to do different actions. Also all links are broken, and download leads to topic where there isn't a copy of plugin available. Channel Mixer - that's actually a very nice plugin, haven't seen that one. It serves similar purposes. My effect is slightly simpler than that (as can be seen, you can not specify modification for each separate R/G/B channel), allows to use clipboard, and theoretically would be faster to use.
  6. Channel Swap is a effect that I've made recently. It allows to manipulate colour and alpha channels of image, switching them between a number of options, and mixing them with clipboard contents. It's interface looks like this: And it can serve a lot of purposes, combining pixel data for use with other effects among other things, which can be used to make effects like this, for example: (I've also posted a step-by-step process of making that image on my blog) Description of options: Among it's sole uses, you can do the following with it: Make image opaque (or of given alpha value) Make image invisible (handy, as you can hide information in seemingly empty PNG images this way) Fill image with colour while preserving alpha Combine alpha of image with a constant value or alpha mask Fill image with clipboard contents (with or without preserving alpha) Invert alpha of image Get alpha 'mask' of image Apply existing alpha mask to image (more possibilities) Once installed, effect can be found as 'Effects/Color/Channel Swap...', and can be easily identified by a icon with green arrows, taken from FamFamFam icon pack to match up existing icons nicely. Download: Zip file with effect DLL is attached to the post. You can also download it from SolidFiles, if attachment doesn't work somehow. Note: Currently, effect ignores alpha information of clipboard contents. If someone (Rick Brewster?) could explain how normal clipboard manipulation works in Paint.NET (method reference?), it would be very helpful. My current implementation of clipboard reader part is as following: I've rechecked code not once now, and have made long searches, but all relevant results are using same methods to obtain clipboard data. Have a nice day. Channel Swap.zip
  7. This bug appears to happen with fairly large images when attempting to "zoom into" them. At the maximum allowed zoom value coordinates become distorted (proportionally to image size), and using most of tools becomes rather problematic. In given example image (see attachment or http://i.solidfiles.net/17a01cff89.png ), Paint.net goes to such zoom value (and effect) from 400% zoom, skipping 800% (entering 800 into zoom level box manually leads to this same strange zoom). I understand that Paint.net is probably not intended to be used with very large images at close zoom, however this does not seem to be correct limiting behavior either. Have a nice day.
  8. Okay, thank you for the input. First post edited - now only the Effects\Render version is included.
  9. I have seen "Tile Fill From Clipboard" plugin, yet I do not know if it works same or not. One had a pretty long startup time (from 3 to 10 seconds), and rather slow rendering speed, so was constantly motivating me to write a better plugin. Thanks for spotting typo. I'll update the file now. For this reason multiple versions are included. Only one of these starts with exclamation point (just in case the user tends to work with textures or other material that needs to be tiled, and might want to find this easily). If FillFromClipboard_eff_render.dll will be picked, plugin will go to Effects/Render/Fill from Clipboard, like this: Actually, it would be damn pretty good if plugins could be re-organised by either dragging them around in menus, or via a separate item in Utilities. ( because plugins relevance for specific user rarely depends on their title, and you cannot edit one unless you are the author of plugin )
  10. This simple plugin does what it means to do - fill the layer (or selection) with tiled texture from the clipboard. The following image illustrates plugin's actions: If you will place non-image content into clipboard, the selected area \ layer will be filled with emptyness (RGBA:0,0,0,0). You can use this to erase specific parts of image, without discarding selection. Plugin .zip in attachement. Contains plugin and a readme. Have fun. FillFromClipboard.zip
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