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Color Select and "Transparent Color" support

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How about another Select tool that selects by color. That is you, you click on a pixel and it automatically selects the area that the pixel is a part of as determined using the same adjoining color algorithm as the flood-fill tool.

That sounds quite like the Magic Wand tool. It's the third tool from the top on the left side of the toolbox. Give it a try and let us know if it isn't what you're looking for.

Also, I noticed that if I have "Transparent" as my selected color, I can draw/paint (pencil/paintbrush) with that color, but I can't flood-fill (Paint Bucket) or recolor with it.

The current Alpha versions have a function called "Alpha Blending" which allows you to use transparent as you would any other color. If you are using v2.1 Final and you need this functionality, you may wish to upgrade to v2.5 Alpha 3. Sure, it's not "stable," but it hasn't crashed on me yet...

If you are using v2.2 Alpha 1 - v2.5 Alpha 3, there is a button on the second tier of the horizontal toolbar (the one under the menu bar), the second one from the right. By default it's activated.


As I'm not exactly sure how Alpha Blending is supposed to work, I have a question. When the button is activated, Alpha-only painting is ignored. When the button is deactivated, Alpha-only painting is allowed. Is this how it is supposed to be? (I don't know, the name Alpha Blending could go either way, as to what it should do in what state.)

So, if you want to work with just Alpha as a color, you'll have to make sure the "Alpha Blending" button is not activated.

I hope those answer your questions!


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The Alpha-Blending option toggles whether you use the Over (on) or Copy (off) compositing modes. "Over" is the default, and blends everything together taking into account the value of the destination pixel and alpha channels. "Copy" copies color values straight over without even looking at the color values that already exist on the layer.

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