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Plugin Installation?

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Hello, Im new to this forum and I am very glad to be here. I also have one question about downloading plugins. I have recently been asked by a friend to be the pixel artist of all the mobs/enemies in his game. After I had made my first mob, I had tried to enlarge it to full size but still keep the pixel shape. Then, I looked up how to get a larger resolution and it took me to a plugin (which I downloaded) and now I have the zip and inside it is one folder. Do I put this folder in the Paint.net Jar or something like that? Thank you for your help.

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Start here: Forum guide on plugins

Also, depending on what you are working will affect the answer. Sounds like you are working with something that does scaling operations. But without a link to it, there is no way to very specifically what you may encounter as a problem.

In general of course all the plugins, their .dll's and associated files, are place in the effects folder of your PDN installation. Example: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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