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Using PAINT.NET to create map overlays

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I am a total newbee to PAINT.NET (Windows 7)

Can anyone explain to me how (and if it is easy) to scan in a base/master map map (for college projects) and then use PAINT.NET to manipulate another outline (secondary) map as a transparency over the base/master map:

1. Creating the background of the outline (secondary) map as transparent, leaving lines or points

2. Stretching the transparent outline (secondary) map over the base/master map so it fits as close as possible

3. Then after creating a number of transparent outline (secondary) maps create a slide-show of the seconday maps over the master map

My programming knowledge is ZILCH!

4. If PAINT.NET cannot do this with ease any pointers what will?

Thanking you in anticipation,


Student of archaeology, history and environment of the Levant

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the way to create the slide show is with the animated gif plugin however theres no slide show preview and Im not sure if its able to make them with variable timing the way you can add "(xxxms)" after the layer name in GIMP cause the save option doesnt have a choice to decline the single timing setup. When its saved as agif or apng, change the file extension name to .gif or .png (and vica versa to edit in Paintnet again)

the way to stretch the second or third ect layers to match the background coodinates is with the Move Selected Pixels tool, by dragging (or holding + arrows keys) the circles in the image corners or sides. When they match up correctly, deselect it by pressing S (or click rectangle select) Theres some quality loss doing this

btw ive allways considered 'slide show' to mean images moving horizontally or vertically, and Paintnet and GIMPs plugins dont have automated tools to make these but theyre just made by adding extra frames, so a bigger file size; Photoscape has an automated horizontal/vertical slide show tool if interested

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