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  1. Ok thanks guys, so the solutions just to have more ram. out of curiousity with it being installed to Program Files instead of PS x86, doesnt that mean its not a native 64bit? pretty sure i only saw the memory usage open up after using the 4GB patch on the exe, but cant remember now.
  2. Hi, Paintnets started to crash on me like crazy lately, usually dont pay much attention cause it doesnt seem to be plugin related but just looked at the crash log and says it was a "System.OutOfMemoryException" I dont doubt it as i usually keep dozens of windows open with large image files and alotof history, but my system got 8GB installed and paintnets set to be large adress aware so wondering what the out of memory exception cap actually is, so i can watch out for it. Iirc have seen it use upto 6GB before looking at task manager but dont generally keep tabs on that without knowing what
  3. Ego, thanks for that link, I know this technique well, but didnt know Ctrl+I to invert selection, thats gonna be my favorite new shortcut goes to show closely i look at menu options Carrito, another less straightforward but possibly quicker way considering its a high quality image, is to create the same sortof template by increasing the contrast and color differences, then isolating everything else from the bike with magic wand alone. Doesnt matter if colors and details get distored, its only the outline shapes you need. Before you start, make a 2nd copy as new layer, and do the color/contra
  4. the way to create the slide show is with the animated gif plugin however theres no slide show preview and Im not sure if its able to make them with variable timing the way you can add "(xxxms)" after the layer name in GIMP cause the save option doesnt have a choice to decline the single timing setup. When its saved as agif or apng, change the file extension name to .gif or .png (and vica versa to edit in Paintnet again) the way to stretch the second or third ect layers to match the background coodinates is with the Move Selected Pixels tool, by dragging (or holding + arrows keys) the circles
  5. yea a combination of feather/anti alias/object outline/blur effects might work (suggest AAs assistant from dpys plugin pack and Object Outline from Bolt Baits pack) If you dont have it as two layers allready try making the surround area a solid color like white (magic wand_backspace) then magic wand just the black and delete it, add a new layer, make it black and move it down (in the Layers window) When the results good enough, merge it onto the black layer, and delete the white surround (and if that leaves any jagges on the outer edge, use AA's assistant again)
  6. an element missing from the example image (and mabye also the glass button plugin) is the variable transparency you get using the gradient tool and Ive not played with it much, but you might also try adding a couple layers of the gradient effect cut from different angles
  7. no worries, once you get the hang of it, makes Paintnet that much easier
  8. even tho this questions answered, till you understand it directly, can be hard to wrap your mind around, so figure another summary might be helpful theres 4 selection methods (Rectangle/Lasoo/Circle/Magic Wand) and 2 selection tools (Selected Pixels/Selection) Selected Pixels - affects the image itself (with move, expand, shrink, and rotate with right click tools) Selection - only affects the blue selection area (with same tools) and with the selection method, you can also reuse it to add or remove parts already selected by holding Ctrl or Alt: Ctrl adds, Alt removes The purpose of Selec
  9. Hi thanks for this plugin pack, these are some of my favorite tools in Paintnet, but thought itd help to know i cant use "Grain" because it crashes Paintnet 3.5.10 Its not completely consistent but theres 2 out of 3 chance it'll crash when using Grain
  10. would agree the line curve tools probably the best method along with AAs Assistant, and it really help zooming in to improve its acuracy another way when theres colors involved is enhancing the spectrum difference to alter color contrasts. for that method try Color Mixer http://forums.getpai...v12-2008-12-24/
  11. Another method also worth using is writing things on a new layer so you can change the color and rearrange positioning afterward, and add other effect only available with transparent backgrounds
  12. thanks again pdnnoob, will checkout how it does making agif's
  13. right thanks for that , ill look around for some good tutes to change the lighting/shadow aspects
  14. oh right, well google found this solution http://www.sevenforu...g-software.html itll change the right click edit option to your prefered program, and can confirm it works
  15. sorry idont understand the distinction, or what you mean by 'this is working' my browsers the default program that opens gifs and when i wanto edit them, just right click and use 'Open with' to choose Gimp or something else but do prefer Paintnet for most image editing
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