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Resizing Sub-Windows

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Hello! I'm fairly new to Paint.NET and so far I absolutely love this software. There is just one thing that has been annoying me that I can't seem to figure out. How do I resize the tool window? When I first open Paint.Net, the tool bar opens automatically and in full screen mode. Similarly, all tools and other sub-windows open up full screen automatically. It is annoying because there are no arrows to resize the windows when I move the mouse cursor to the edges or corners of the sub-windows. Instead, I've been just dragging 98% of the windows off to one side of my screen, only leaving visable the actual tool icons. So I guess I have three questions:

1) How do I resize sub-windows?

2) How to prevent the sub-windows from opening up full screen by default, thereby eliminating any needs on my part to resize them to more manageable and practical sizes.

3) Why don't these sub-windows allow you to simply drag from the corners or edges to reshape/resize them?

Apologies in advance if the solution is obvious to some people. Thank you for your assistanc!

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This is a known issue:

If the tool windows are really really big, then you most likely have something like ATI HydraVision (or another "multimonitor manager" type program) installed. Historically, that has always been the cause, and disabling or uninstalling these not-very-useful programs always fixes it.
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