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I'm having troblem with something I'm sure is easy for you guys that have been doing this for awhile :)

all I'm trying to do is save a pic after I've magnified it... i drag a pic to paint.net. it opens up. then

i go over to the tools and use the magnifier. when i go to save the magnified aria, which looks magnified

in the screen, all i have saved is the original pic.

i have this pic of a bird i took the other day. turned out nice but i wanted to get a little closer shot of the

head. same size pic just blown up to just show the head.

I'm really new to this any help would be appreciated. thanks Don

silly question I'm sure, but is there a (done) button? :)

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Use the Rectangle select tool :RectangleSelectTool:

Draw it around the part you want to keep, then Image (0n the tool bar) >>> Crop to selection ;)

You may also want to Save As something other than the original file name, to keep the original if it's going back in the same folder

you sir are my hero

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silly question I'm sure, but is there a (done) button? :)

Still not sure what that request is ... Reminds me of the Staples Easy Button commercials but I dont think that's what you meant. :lol:

If you were doing something that can tax your machine there is a progress bar on the bottom of the window ... Probably not what you were getting at though.


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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