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Using wand to select cross sections of 2 layers

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I have a rounded rectangle with shading over multiple layers. I created a new layer on top of it, so there are 6 layers now.

I draw a rectangle on top of the button to designate the shading only area. I want to use my wand to only select the area my button and the rectangle intersects.

Is it possible to select a cross section of all layers or do I have to merge all of the buttons layers then use my wand?

Screenshot is here


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hers a work-around. after drawing the rectangle, use the wand to select inside of it, then set the wands "selection mode" to subtract. you will find this in the toolbar above the work window two spaces left of the tollerance slider. then drop down to a layer that has the rounded rectangle on it and use the wand outside of the rounded rectangle, but inside the previously selected area... this should deselect the extra area you dont want

just remember to reset you selection mode to replace or the next time you try to use it, you will end up frustrated why it wont work


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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