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  1. Ok, well I have not actually used the dll's. Is there a non-psd file format that I can create layers in, so that when the file is opened paint.net will recognize the layers? Or is it ok to create my own file format and then, in turn create a paint.net add in that would read the file and create a layered drawing? I don't believe that would violate the license agreement. Is this possible? I'm only trying to create a 3 layer file for use with an effect add in, so the user doesn't have to create the layers themselves.I can do it inside paint.net addins, assuming I can hook to an event and modify the file from within paint.net under a plug-in.
  2. Hello, I want to create a Paint.net file (pdn) outside of Paint.net and create 3 layers, then draw on them separately. Can anyone link me tutorials and hints to do this in Visual Studio? I don't know which class to use to create the actual file outside of paint.net in my own winforms application. Any help is appreciated.
  3. @recursor: I created a .net application for you. It's still in it's initial stage ( I spent 30 minutes on it ) What it does is creates a sprite sheet with 1 pixel width for rows and columns. You specify the width, height, # of columns, and number of rows and it creates a bitmap for you based on the results. I'm not sure how to programtically create layers and a pdn file with multiple layers. If anyone knows post on on the project or if I need to add stuff, do that there. https://spritesheetbuilder.codeplex.com/discussions/436464
  4. I have a rounded rectangle with shading over multiple layers. I created a new layer on top of it, so there are 6 layers now. I draw a rectangle on top of the button to designate the shading only area. I want to use my wand to only select the area my button and the rectangle intersects. Is it possible to select a cross section of all layers or do I have to merge all of the buttons layers then use my wand? Screenshot is here
  5. Thanks for the link, that worked great. Although my first one was just awful.
  6. Thanks everyone, sorry this took forever. I'll go play with it for a very long time and maybe make one decent one
  7. Thanks everyone, sorry this took forever. I'll go play with it for a very long time and maybe make one decent one
  8. I am trying my best to learn paint.net and I do ok. But i don't know anything. Can someone look at the texture I used and give ideas or a tutorial on how it was made? It's at the top of my web page(banner with all grey textures ) http://www.scoug.org It's my web site, but I would like to make that on my own. It's the banner at the top. And links to an existing tutorial and hints would be great. I'm a newb.
  9. Hi, I have a drawing with letters on it and the background is white pixels. I want to use the color picker to select the color and somehow remove all white pixels. Is this possible? I need the letters to appear, but with a transparent background for some web animations. I'm kinda new to paint.net and i'm not sure how to accomplish this or if there is a tutorial available for it. Thanks, Nick
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