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Plug-In Request

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Hi everyone. I have to plug-in requests. I'm sorry but i'm not gifted with computers soo here goes. My first request seems simple to me, mabe it'll be really hard to make though- a liquify plug-in. Its like the one thing Paint.NET lacks. I think one like in photoshop, mabe with a few inputable variables. That would be amazing. My second request is a little more specialised. Its a tool thats like the pencil tool, but draws like a ribbon. This sounds really hard to do i think. You'd be able to change its width and obviously it would pick up the coulour/transparency you were using. I just hate how when you draw, the edges of the line are rough no matter what you do. I guess its just aliesing, but i ribbon brush would be amazing. Not only could you write with it making amzing signatures but you could also just make awsome pictures with it. Thanks everyone

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