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  1. didn't work that well with the pic i used, you need one with lots of potential lines. Actually, i did it without the oil paint and pastel effect 9the pastel effect sorta sucks, sorry) but lots of glow and it looked good.
  2. the finished result wasn't supposed to look real per se sort of ethereal or whatever. I'm having problems with the feather tool though, when feather stuff a marquee (erased) lin appears all around it.
  3. This is the original that i edited with Paint.NET Actually i made a tiny mistake. Before merging all the layers ( i had like 10, eyes, lips etc. ) i should have removed the space between the head and background. Still I'm really proud of it, it took me 2 hours. And here it is: p.s. You have to right click the "broken" link box and go to view image, then you can see them.
  4. definitely not paint.net . Its a great program, but keep in mind its free. For stuff like that you need photoshop or some other really expensive software. The guys quite talented though.
  5. i'm going to try barkbark00's technique but on water, it looks amazing on sand, i dunno how you come up iwht these things.
  6. here is one i did, it looks like an andy warhol silkscreen. First i took a picture of myslef (from my cellphone, so it was really bad quality, mabe that helped) and then black and whited it. Then i played around with contrast and stuff and then did coulour replace ten different times then finnaly put them all into one image. neat eh? regarding the contrast effect, i did it to a pistol and wrote "Sin City Style" on it. Theres some font that looks almost the same as the one on the cover of sin city. Its really sweet, but i can upload it :x
  7. Hi people, i was just wonderinf if anyone else got this messup and if theres a fix. I did the gradient effect on sort of half ellipse. The top of the shape (where th other half was cut away) is curved, but the gradient only worked up to the lowest point of the curve and left the rest a uniform coulour . I dunno how to post an image from my computer sorry. [/img]
  8. do you use the free version of that program (artrage) it looks amazing and i was just wondering wat the cons are with the free version. I'm interested in buying a graphics tablet so...
  9. Kevin Tunis: what you could do is selc all the white (the backround) and then use the gradient tool. When you have something selected, paint.net only lets you work on that selection. I hope this helps, i didn't really understand what you want to do though.
  10. Hi everyone. I have to plug-in requests. I'm sorry but i'm not gifted with computers soo here goes. My first request seems simple to me, mabe it'll be really hard to make though- a liquify plug-in. Its like the one thing Paint.NET lacks. I think one like in photoshop, mabe with a few inputable variables. That would be amazing. My second request is a little more specialised. Its a tool thats like the pencil tool, but draws like a ribbon. This sounds really hard to do i think. You'd be able to change its width and obviously it would pick up the coulour/transparency you were using. I just hate how when you draw, the edges of the line are rough no matter what you do. I guess its just aliesing, but i ribbon brush would be amazing. Not only could you write with it making amzing signatures but you could also just make awsome pictures with it. Thanks everyone
  11. Thanks allot and sorry about posting in the wrong forum
  12. I was wondering if anyone who is really good with programming could make a plugin that would make photos look like this That was the only example of the type of shading i mean i could find. Its really sweet , sorta shading with "patches" of different grays/whites/blacks, you can also just do it with straight white and black. The plugin would work by somehow definig a line in the middle of all the gradients, then assigning a tone to them. I dunno, just putting it out there, i've seen some amazing plugins from this community and i think this would be really cool. Thanks
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