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evidently I have rabies...

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...because I can not find the multi color gradient tool, plugin, killer robots, nothing.

I used the search function but it yielded nothing. I am working(playing really) on something and I believe the tool would help. Can someone direct me please?

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wow, my silly mistake I was erroneously searching "multi color gradient" which was truly stupid on my part when what I was looking for was the "Multi Color Gradient" which is only yielded by searching "multi colour gradient" --makes perfect sense.

http://forums.getpai...color-gradient/ - results for search of "multi colour gradient"

=1"]forums.getpaint.net/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=quick_search&search_filter_app[forums]=1 result of search of "multi color gradient"

I have to say several people have asked where to find this tool over the years and the snarky responses are a bit surprising...especially considering the search results dont yield the item when you enter the thread topic title.

I guess my rabies are gone.

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Hmm. Well, glad you found it. For various reasons, thread locked.


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