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make crossover seamless

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I have a question to the crossover, I have drawn an image which I have attached and now I dont know

how I can make the crossover so that it is seamless.

Does anybody know how I can make the crossover seamless between the body and the hands and the head?

Thanks a lot!


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Have you tried using a transparent gradient like Yellow Man showed in the arch thread video ?

I have tried it but the result is'nt really nice, so maybe anyone has any idea how I can make it - I am a really beginner so maybe I have to less knowledge to do this so

I would very appreciative of help.

Thanks a lot!


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First off, the transition to the head and to the arm on the left side of the picture is fine because of the way the lighting is. You just need to add a little bit of shadow and it'll be perfect. On the right side, your arm needs to be on a layer underneath the body. The transition between the two pieces of the left arm is the only tricky part. I would try to use the gradients if possible; but if you can't, set your primary color alpha (transparency) to 8, then use the eraser to remove a little of the top piece so that it blends smoothly with the bottom.

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