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Moving Objects on the canvas

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this requires the use of layers for each object created to be done easily

to move the object or text once it is set, first you have to select it, you can use any one of the selection tools- magic wand, rectangle select, etc, then you use the "move selected pixel" tool (the blue arrow in the tool box) to move the selection around the canvas.. if you use the 'move selected pixel' tool without making a selection, then the whole layer will be moved- you left click and hold, then move mouse to move selection.. right click and hold will allow you to rotate the selection on its center point

-if you dont have each object on a seperate layer(with the rest of that layer being transparent) then not only will you leave a transparent section where you selection was orriginaly at, but you have to worry about moving other pixels than those that belong to the object you are moving

-the selection tools have several 'modes'- replace, add, subtract, intersect, invert- as well as normal selection, fixed ratio, and fixed size... this allows you a great deal of flexability when making a selection

- the magic wand tool has a flood mode and a global mode. flood mode will selct all pixels of a colour(within the tolerance setting) that are conected, the global mode will choose all the pixels of the colour ANYWHERE on the layer

- the white arrow in the tool box is the 'move selection' tool. this will move the area being selected, not the selected pixels

- once you are done dont forget to deselect, or when you go to work on something else only the area within the selection will be affected, even on other layers--deselect is Ctrl/d

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