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  1. I'm beginning to learn paint.net, but is it useful to start learning about other programs like Photoshop at this stage? Anything recommended?
  2. For example the 'Hollywood" part of this Logo http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/page-14.html thx
  3. What is the best way to achieve this, a straight line that's thick then gradually thins thx
  4. thanks madjik I'll try that
  5. When I go to create a File/New Canvas, sometimes the canvas area shrinks a lot Is it possible to keep the original canvas size thx
  6. thanks, I will try that next time it happens
  7. What would be the best way to achieve the green splosh at the bottom? Dents? thx
  8. Not sure if this is the right word, but sometimes when I use text, I am typing and nothing shows on the canvas Similarly, now when I'm applying an eraser or paintbrush, nothings applied not sure why this happens when I close and reopen paint.net, usually works help appreciated
  9. Just wanted to know exactly what this means? whats the intention of this feature? thanks
  10. I have colored in a part of a picture using the magic wand selection tool, then paint bucket their is still some missed areas So I try to use the paintbrush tool however the paintbrush tool isn't applying any color (with me) thanks for any help
  11. I just want to understand the Effects>Color>Color Aberation tool Just want to completely understand paint.net I guess I'll just have to experiment with it if there's no guides There seems to be a lot you can do with this feature
  12. Is there a guide/tute on color aberation? I did a google search and could not find anything Just want to understand what its about thx
  13. edit sorry I found what i was after! you can delete this thread if you want
  14. I press control Clone stamp, click on the area I want I then let go and click another area to clone Is it possible to clone multiple times (without going back to the original area) thanks
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