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Shift-click tools

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Is there something equivalent to the "shift-click" of Photoshop Elements, where you apply a tool in one point, move the cursor to a second point and shift-click the mouse to apply the tool in the line between these two points? This makes it much easier to erase (clone, draw, etc.) along a line, compared to freehand drawing with the mouse.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I searched the forum and help files and couldn't find it.

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I just thought up a complex way of doing something a little like that...

  1. Create a new layer
  2. Draw a line on that new layer, thick or thin
  3. Select the line with either a magic wand or whatever you want
  4. Hide the new layer
  5. Select the original layer
  6. Now your operation is limited in the selected area

That could be one way of going around it?

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