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Moving an image pasted into new layer

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I have no expertise in using this program, or any other photoshop-like program. But I am creating a new masthead for a web site (like a banner that goes along the top of the page) and keep trying to add a small image to the right of the text. Every time I do Layers > Import from file, it places the picture on the far left hand side of the project over top of my text. I need it to get to the far right, but cannot get it to move. What am I doing wrong?

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Every time I do Layers > Import from file

Picc84, this does import into a new layer. What he's saying is that once you import to new layer, if the image is bigger than your canvas you only get to work with the part of the image that fits into your current canvas.


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Thank you, I am trying this and it still doesn't work. I hit rectangle select and it highlights the picture, but then what do I do? I tried selecting the hand next to move the picture, and it just won't budge. I am sure it is something really simple, and I am embarrassed that I can't figure it out.

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