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How Get Perfect Lines on Circle

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I am making an adjustment to my "LOGO" for business. I am trying to recolor the bottom half of a circle, that has a thick border, split in half by TWO colors.

When I enlarge picture to 2400%< i see all kinds of "shades" of colors that seem to help that line be more "Definitive" ..I am guessing?

When i try changing the color fron a "TAN" color to a "DARK RED" , then Zoom out, the lines are VERY CHOPPY and "SQUARED".


Is there a way to create a PERFECT LINES on a circle, by using a specific tool, or i have to do a lot guessing and do "FILL-IN" colors to get the line more definitive?

I am a rookie at Paint.net

Thanks So Much


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I believe what you are trying to say is you are trying to recolor the bottom half of an anti-aliased circle, but the results coming out pixelated. Here's my suggestion:

1. Set your secondary color to the original color of the circle. The easiest way is to right click on the circle using the color picker :ColorPickerTool: tool. Then, set your primary color to the color you wish to change to.

2. Select the bottom half of the circle using rectangle select.

3. Using the recolor :RecoloringTool: tool, change the color as you please.

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