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How to make a Glass of Wine

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In my first tutorial im going to show you how to make a glass of wine. In this tutorial you need the following plugins:


Bevel Selection

Quadrilateral Reshape

The finished picture will look like this:

Hidden Content:

So heres how to do it:

1.Open a new picture, 800x600 pixels, then put some gradient on the background: sc1i.png

2.Add a new layer, name it Head, fill it with transparency 85 white: sc2rg.png

3.New layer, name it Head Highlight, and draw some white rectangles on the side: sc3.png

4.Now use gradient with transparency mode to fade out the top and the bottom of the lines: sc4y.png

5. On the Head layer, apply Shape3D with these settings:


6. On the Head Highlight, apply Shape3D with same settings except turn the lighting OFF, and the Move Y to 0.600:


7. Use Gradient with Transparency mode to get the excess highlighting off: sc7d.png

8. Merge Head and Head Highlight layers together.

9.New layer, name it Wine, Go back to Head layer, use Magic Wand (Tolerance 25%) and press Ctrl+I, go back to Wine layer and fill the cup with red color:





10. Delete some of the wine. It's up to you how much wine do you want: sc10.png

11. It's getting a bit tricky now but read carefully:

11a. Select E60000 as your color, and make a new layer called "Ellipse"

11b. Choose Ellipse Tool

11c. Make Sure the ellipse tool is drawing outlines only and Antialialising is Disabled

11d. On the Ellipse layer, draw an ellipse that matches the ellipse that is on the glass: if it doesn't fit, choose it with rectangle select and scale it. sc11o.png

Ignore that i accidently put the ellipse on the wine layer on that picture

11e. Now choose Magic Wand (Tolerance 65%) and click that ellipse.

11f. Now move the ellipse down so the widest part of it is on the surface of the wine: Scale it bit thinner if its a bit too large... sc12.png

11g. Merge Wine and Ellipse layers together. 11h. Fill the space between ellipse and wine with red color: sc13h.png

12. Use the magic wand and select the outside of wine. Then press Ctrl+I and use Effects > Selection > Bevel Selection and use it with these settings:


13. Nothing for here because 13 is unlucky number

14. Move Wine layer down:


15. Create New Layer, Name it Body, and fill it with white (Transparency 85)

16. Apply Shape3D with these settings:


17. Create New layer, Body Highlight, put in White rectangles (See step 3.) and blur them (See Step 4.)

18. Apply Shape3D with same settings that are in Body, Except Disable Lighting (See Step 6.) and Move Y to -0.750 (and if you like you can put Move X to 0.010)

19. Merge Body Highlight and Body together

20. Create new layer, name it Base, and fill with white (Transparency 85...)

21. Create another layer, name it Base Highlight and do the white rectangles (See steps 3 and 4)

22. On the Base layer, apply Shape3D with these settings:


23. On the Base Highlight layer apply Shape3D with same settings but change these:


24. Merge Base and Base Highlight layers together. 25a. Use Effects > Distort > Bulge and apply these settings:


25b. Repeat 25a. but change 1.00 to -1.00

25c. Use Quadrilateral Reshape and do this:


25d. Select the cone and Scale it until the ellipse of the base is similar to the ellipse of the body If theres not enough room for the cone you can move the head, wine and the body a bit upwards.

25e. Then Move the layers until they're in this order:

  1. Head
  2. Wine
  3. Body
  4. Base
  5. Background

25f. Your finished! Flatten it (Ctrl+Shift+F) and you can add your name in it...

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Post your creations below!

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note: for better results, check the box by ON in the AntiAlias portion of the Shape 3D window. Also, use the antialias plugins on this forum to your advantage. Tell those pixelated edges to gt*o!

besides that, this looks like a cool tutorial with some ideas I may borrow to make my own creations better! ^^

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