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Named crop size

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After using Micrografx Picture Publisher for 15 years, I’ve decided to switch to Paint.Net - and there’s a lot to learn ;)

I do a lot of cropping in various specific aspect ratios, and in Picture Publisher I could do it by saving and naming a mask of ex. 300 x 400 pixel at 72 dpi.

Is there a way to establish such named masks in Paint.Net, or do I have to enter the ratio manually every time I change to a crop-process with a different ratio?

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You could prepare a PDN file with objects of the various

pixel dimensions that you would like to have as crop sizes.

When needed it could be imported into your current project file:

Layers > Import From File...

The crop size of your choice could then be produced using the Magic Wand.

Alternately, you could make a special Paint.NET desktop icon

targeted to always open with the crop mask file loaded.

Be sure to set the file Properties to Read-Only to avoid inadvertently overwriting the file.

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do I have to enter the ratio manually every time I change to a crop-process with a different ratio?

You could setup your selection mode defaults. Read this page:


Click the Tool button on the tool bar and click "Choose defaults...":


From the configuration screen that comes up, select your default selection mode settings.


At the top, select the selection tool as your default tool.

Click the save button.

Now, every time you start Paint.NET it will be setup for you.

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BoltBait's suggestion is a good idea for your most commonly used ratio.


Back to my suggestion.

Open Paint.NET, add a new layer, delete the bottom layer.

Make a Rectangle selection in the way that you currently are doing it.

Use the Paintbucket tool to fill the selection with a solid color.

Press F4, and name the layer according to the pixel dimensions/ratio of the filled selection.

Repeat on new layers for as many different sizes/ratios as you want.

Name the file "CT01". (Crop Templates 01)

A short filename is preferable here.

Before saving, use the Move Selected Pixels tool :MoveTool: to position

all of the rectangles near the top-left corner of the canvas.

In the Layers window remove all checkmarks so all layers are invisible.


Once you have imported the file into a current project file,

you can click the layer named with the selection that you want,

and Magic Wand click near the top-left canvas corner to create the selection.

It can the be moved using the Move Selection tool. :MoveSelectionTool:

It can be resized while maintaining aspect ratio by using the

Move Selection :MoveSelectionTool: tool on a corner nub with the Shift key down.



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Thanks a lot, both of you!

@ BoltBait: Actually, I’ve been looking for the usual “Preferences” or “Option”; so this comes in handy ;)

@ Sarkut: It works like a charm ;)

At present I suspect I’m only scratching the surface. However I’m already amassed of the program and the tons of plug-ins; so I expect the transition from Micrografx to be, if not a breeze, then certainly a lot of fun ;)

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