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How do I remove white outline of cropped graphic

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I have a tiny white outline of my finished picture where i removed the background. i choose to use it on a dark background and it really shows up. Can someone please tell me how i remove this small white outline around my finished cropped picture?

could you please also email me at <snip>



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Heatstroke maybe you can also help me with this:

how can i take the background out of an item that is an open weave - about 40 tiny open backgrounds?



I think AA's assistant should help, it can be found here.

If the picture is in its own layer, just use this plugin on the layer the picture with the white edge is on.

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This may or may not be a good plugin for removing that white fringe.

Any color will be lost.

It will result in an image that is black and clear at varying transparency.


One thing that may work is to apply Feather Object followed by AA's Assistant.

Repeat if necessary.


Feather Object will soften the edges.

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