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  1. pdnnoob, You're funny... I will take your advice and I thank you so much for ur help!
  2. Ego Eram Reputo, It didn't work. i opened it in paint - not paint.net - i filled the background with a color and the 4 small areas are still white.
  3. Ok Ego Eram Reputo, I think you are telling me to 1. erase all of the background areas - i did this 2. I deleted all of the background areas 3. I saved it as a PNG. 4. I am not the one importing it into my book cover, the publisher needs to receive my graphic in jpg form. I can see what the problem is from my side. The 4 small leg parts may be transparent now but i have no way of checking..... Here's the problem. When i open up any graphic back into paint.net - click on the wand... and here is the problem on my side.... i have to change wand to global every time b4 clicking wand on graphic page. Flood mode keeps reverting to contiguous. So, I don't have any idea what my book publisher will see (if the 4 small places will still be transparent)and i am not eligible to send this to them another time after this next submission. I am not sure if i have another option to your #4? when does my graphic get flattened? I must submit it as a jpg like i did 24 other pictures which i was successful at cutting out the backgrounds.
  4. I understand that Jpg's do not support transparencies. When i open the jpg in paint and click on the wand the entire background is removed but those 4 small spaces. On my final edit of a book those 4 small spaces are the only white part showing up in the background of my book cover. yes, in paint i can click on global and they go transparent. I saved it in jpg b4, again, opened it with paint and clicked on the wand and all but 4 small areas were transparent. how come when i repeat this process the 4 small areas are still white? And, these 4 small white places are the only white area showing on my book cover - and, i submitted the graphic to the publisher in jpg. Maybe i will try saving it as a gif or png then resaving it as a jpg - since i must submit it as a jpg. I really appreciate your input!
  5. Hello pdnnoob, I appreciate what you are saying. However, when i open the jpg with Paint.net (it is saved in paint as a jpg) everything stayed transparent except the 4 small spaces inside the horses legs. I am guessing i must have missed erasing them before and maybe it is a layers thing? Odd Llama was right about switching the wand to 'global' this did erase those 4 small areas... but when i saved it as a jpg again and reopened it in paint.net again those 4 small places are still not transparent. The erase initially and saving in jpg did retain the transparency around 99% of the graphic. I am using this for a book cover and i have got to get that white out... i must submit the graphic as a jpg or a tiff
  6. Uh Oh... Odd Llama.... Global worked until i opened it again. I went to check my horse graphic before i sent it. It was saved as a Jpg. I 'opened with' ... Paint.net.... clicked on the wand and the same spaces between the horses legs are not transparent.
  7. Who LOVES you Odd Llama???? I DO!!!! Bang! Got it! Done! Thank you for your expertise!!!! Jd
  8. Thank you for that advice? I tried attaching my graphic how do i upload a screenshot?
  9. I have succeeded in making a graphic background transparent.... However, There are 4 small sections that appear transparent but when i hit the wand they are a different transparent color (still white and grey little boxes but don't turn pale blue on top when i hit the wand... And, It is these 4 small areas that still print white. I don't know if i messed it up with layers before ... but i am guessing??? These areas won't erase again because they show as erased. I tried copying and pasting in paint.net a variety of formats... Gif, Jpeg, Pnd and then tried erasing again and although Jpeg did erase.... i was back to square one and these 4 small areas keep printing white. Anyone got any clues how i can transparent these 4 small areas? Jd <snip>
  10. Thanks Sarkut, But i have zero idea what to do when i open Adjustments. >what do i select? >how do i use it to remove small outside line around my background removed graphic? >would i also do something to soften the edges? thanks, jd
  11. I downloaded BlackandAlpha dll and where do i find it on my computer to use is - a plug in is something greek to me. thanks, jd
  12. Heatstroke maybe you can also help me with this: how can i take the background out of an item that is an open weave - about 40 tiny open backgrounds? thnx, jd
  13. TY Heatstroke~ How can i change my username? i want to get a kool one like yours. ty, jd
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