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Drop down menus don't scroll properly with mousewheel

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This has been an annoyance in every version of PDN that I remember, and yet according to Google it seems nobody else has experienced this - or maybe they have, and just use different words to describe it.

Anyway, replicating this one's relatively simple. Click one of the "graphical" drop-down menus (i.e., "fill" or "font"), to make it drop down. Then use the mousehweel to scroll down.

What results, at least on my setup, is a really irritating graphical effect, where the "animation" of the items seems to scroll in reverse, but in the end you end up scrolled in the "correct" direction.

Just to hopefully make myself more clear, imagine there's a dropdown that contains the letters A-Z in alphabetic order. Now, with normal dropdowns, if I click it, then run the mousewheel down, there's a brief "smoothing" animation (an option in the Windows Control Panel that I cannot and will not live without), and perhaps "B" and "C" run past my mouse pointer, in that order, and I end up on "D".

With Paint.Net, however, I'd get D, then C, then B running past my mouse pointer, only to end up on "D".

This makes it almost impossible to quickly scan through fonts - the messed-up scrolling is just too distracting for my eyes!

Anyway, is this a known issue? Any known workarounds?

(I'm using 3.56, but this has been around for quite some time now).

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I can't repro this at all. Are you using a custom theme? What OS are you on?

I'm using the default theme, and it's a Windows XP installation.

I vaguely, vaguely recall this problem being mentioned somewhere else, possibly not even in the context of PDN - but I can't for the life of me get Google to display anything worth clicking on.

As an additional "bonus", it's done this on two entirely separate computers. (both running XP)

What's weird is that if I click and drag the vertical scrollbar, everything works properly, complete with "scroll-smoothing" (or whatever Windows calls it) in the proper direction.

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