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How to draw in freehand?

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Hi, I was trying to do some freehand drawing in pdn, but was soon frustrated with the fact that every time I lift the pen, I have to reselect the "pen". This completely hampers the creative process as focus is moved to tool selecting every second or so. I really hope I am missing a setting or using pdn the wrong way?

Kind regards, Michael

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You'll need to clarify the problem.

There is no tool called a Pen tool.

The tool behavior you are describing doesn't sound normal.


If you hover the mouse pointer over the tool icon,

a tooltip should appear showing the correct name of the tool.

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I can see that using the mouse the pencil tool and also the paintbrush works as intended.

Must have been a driver problem with my pen.

I'll give it another go and come back if there are any problems.

This was some time ago I tried the freehand thing.

Maybe what I remember as selecting tools was that I had to press the pen button equal to mouse1 (left mouse)to get it to draw and maybe expecting it would draw as I press the pen to the tablet... is that possible with pdn or is it a driver thing?

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I have a tablet, but don't get the same problems. :/ hope the installation helped

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