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They used to be, but support has since been taken out =(...I wish PDN still supported tablets b/c now I can't really use mine to draw because I don't have photoshop...<br><br>BTW, I have an older version of the Bamboo Fun...I'm not sure of the model number, but it's about 2.5 years old. It came with the stylus and a wireless mouse.<br>

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Paint.NET used to support pen tablets, but it was removed. However, I was in the same position as you were not too long ago and I went and searched for other free software programs like PDN. I found ArtWeaver (the free version) is a great program that goes hand in hand with PDN. You can do the outlining in PDN with the line tool and do the coloring/shading in ArtWeaver. Also, TwistedBrush Open Studio (that's the free version of TwistedBrush--the other is TwistedBrush Pro) is a very good program.

I suggest you buy TwistedBrush Pro, which is around $90 or so. I mean, it's better than spending $700. I also recently bought AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro ($70) and this program allows you to make your own brushes, which is kind of cool.

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