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A nice feature of Topaz is that it generally works as a plugin for Irfanview. My current problem is that Irfanview does not support layers and at least one Topaz plugin works only on layers (and not on what it sees as a background layer). Any chance that a Topaz plugin will work in Paint.Net? Thanks.

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Nope. Sorry.

However, we do have quite a collection of plugins available right here on the forums.


Thanks. I already use a number of Paint.Net plugins, and will look at the site you suggest. The Topaz function I was particularly interested in is one that quickly removes an object from its background, something I do frequently to unfocus the background, but that is time consuming in drawing lines by hand. Anything in Paint.Net that will do this? (I have tried the alpha color plugin, when the foreground and background are multicolored, this doesn't work well for this purpose.) Thanks again.

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