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Inserting Text with a drop shadow

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I have been editing photos in another application to enable text with a drop shadow.

I wondered, is there a plugin that would enable this to be done in Paintnet

I have attached a photo that shows the feature, its not that obvious but I hope you can see it...




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Thankyou very much for that, I shall give it a go.

What would be really nice though, was to be able to just type

when inserting text, and have drop shadow either 'on or off' and

appearing in real time with the font...

The depth of the shadow being preset by me via a setup dialogue, and made default if needed.

Thanks again, maybe one of you plugin wizards can come up with a drop shadow option,

that appears when the text tool is selected...



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there is actually a drop shadow plugin. all you have to do is put your text on a blank layer and run the plugin.

Before Rick shows up and says this, plugins CANNOT work with the tools directly, so making a feature like you are requesting will require Rick to implement it into PDN

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