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A HUGE problem!

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I didn't know where to put this so sorry id its in the wrong catagorie :oops:

I downloaded one of the 3.0 betas a while ago and am now wanting to go back to 7.5 (or whatever the newest official release is) fo a bit. I tried simply installing 7.5 but it said 'Unable to install because there is a newer version of PDN on your PC'.

So I tried to uninstall the PDN beta, but found that the file C:/Program Files/Paint.net only contained 1 couple of files (a file called 'Staging') and no uninstaller.

So I went into Add/Remove Programs, scrolled down to Paint.NET Beta and clicked Remove. It went through the uninstall process and nearly removed the program, but sudennly a box popped up saying 'FATAL ERROR: PDN WASN'T REMOVED!'

Does ANYONE have a solution???


Zacariem 8)

They said we couldn't fly.

We did.

Anythings possible!


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