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is anybody knows why while measuring a known distance, I do not get the correct length in centimeter?

You have to set the image's DPI to equal your printer's DPI. It's possible your printer's DPI isn't exact (to scientific tolerances). If you set the DPI to the printer's DPI, but don't get the exact size you expect, you may have to experiment with the image's DPI to get the printed result (size) you expect.

If you're measuring it on the screen, I don't believe you can force an image to be an exact measurement. I believe different displays will display an image differently. For example, I had two laptops with the same LCD screen size. One was a low-resolution (WXGA at 1200 x 800) that would display a 1"x2" image pretty large. (I never actually measured it with a ruler.). The other was extremely high resolution (WUXGA at 1920 x 1200) and that image was much smaller (if I were to measure it with a ruler.). You'll always have variations like this because even the larger, standalone monitors will vary slightly in size while using the same resolution. (A 19", 20" and 22" monitor might all use 1920 x 1200).

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So, in Paint.NET it doesn't match up on the computer screen?

Or is it that the measurement when printed out is off?


I have a scale on the image and the measurement in Paint.NET of that scale is not the same as the scale

Is there a possibility to calibrate the measurement tool in Paint.NET?

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Sorry to continue on with this but am I correct in thinking that if I draw a line in paint.net with a length of 20 mm and I then print it and the printed result is 27 mm in length - this is because the image dpi is not the same as my printer dpi? Which is fine but does this mean that I can draw to a scale of say 1:50 and provided I can match up the two dpis, the printed image is to a scale of 1:50?

Thanks in anticipation,


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