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Tool for Paint.NET - PDN2DDS

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I've been reading this forum and using PDN for a long time now, so i thought it's time to give something back to the community!

Here's a little something i wrote: http://ini.intro.hu/?wpfb_dl=11

What it does? Well, it's a really small command line tool that does a simple thing: converts a given .PDN file into a .DDS file, with additional options to specify DXT level (1,3,5), image flipping, etc.

Why you might need it? As a 3D coder + wannabe artist, i've often encountered the situation that i wrote let's say a little demo, which uses textures. These textures are usually made by myself also and done in PDN. So, the most convenient way is to save & store them in .PDN format. However that means that each time i create a texture, i have to save it twice after each modification (the .PDN file + the texture, like DDS). If you have lots of textures, this repeating "editing and saving twice" process becomes a pain in the @$. However, with a command line tool and with a little knowledge of OS scripting (batch files for example), you can convert all your files at once, when needed, etc.

Is that it? Yep. Simple huh? But what's more - it's totally free of course and comes with the C# source code - not that like writing it would be such a big deal. :) Also, it can be a good example for some coders out there - there aren't too many tutorials flying around about how to utilize PDN's abilities - outside PDN!

How to use it? Since the tool relies on PDN's .NET assemblies, you'll need PDN of course (Who doesn't have it here? :D) and .NET 3.5 installed. Just drop the .EXE into Paint.NET's home dir, so it can find the needed .DLL files and you're good to go. Starting the tool from command line (e.g. CMD.exe) will give you a little help about using it, command line parameters, etc.

So, i guess that's it - i hope somebody will find either the tool itself or at least the source code useful. (Oh, the license for the code is WTFPL :) )



PS: I forgot to say - feature requests and error reports are welcome. As i plan to use the tool on daily basis for my work, i plan to update it when needed.

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The linked page requires a password.

Damn... need to reconfigure Wordpress on my site to allow download of files without registration to the site. Sorry for that, will do it in a few minutes.

EDIT: Should be OK by now.

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