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  1. guys i am leaving PdN and use ps from now on. you can still find my works on dA or my gallery which is linked at my sig. I may occasionally come and check the forum. goodbye.
  2. New: -Wizard -Rocketeer
  3. New: -Star Fox Signature @TH Tnx man!
  4. New: -Fairy Tail Signature -mADNESS Signature
  5. New: -Spread the Love Signature
  6. @Kemaru that's harsh Updated my dA account today =D
  7. the text could use a new font
  8. New: -Iron Man dA ID reuploaded all my sigs starting from ragE above to dA
  9. @TH Me too but i tried for fun @bbq tnx
  10. - Lights may die but the skies don't lie

  11. New: -Break Through Signature Trying out new text style and using sprites
  12. 160GB per second!!! well it's still gonna be in 2020.
  13. your new ava is good and simple!
  14. 1. select a portion then copy. 2.you cannot change the text but you can add effects to them 3.yes but they're not called layer properties they're effects drop shadow is from this pack which is made by krisVDM while glow can be found on effect>photo>glow 4.liquify can be found in this pack which is made by pyrochild 5.i dont think so but there is a way you can do it by: on a new layer draw using your brush what you want to select and the use the magic wand tool to select it. to install effects a tutorial can be found here which is made by boltbait. more plugins can be found here
  15. go here and click on the upper right with the text Free Download Now
  16. You new sig is very good and simple!
  17. TheHowler: 1 minners71: 0 minners yours is good but the border and text are distracting. An advice make the text and the border as white/black or the main color of your sig. TheHowler your looks very good! it seems that you followed sharps tut. could have used a border.
  18. There are 2 simple ways to do this 1.Open the image 2.create a new layer 3.draw a from right to left 4.double click the layer and change the opacity 1.Open the image 2.create a new layer 3.Click the brush tool and set the size to a large one 4.On one side draw a black area and the other white 5.go to effect->blurs-> Gaussian blur w/ something like 75 NINJA'D
  19. you had over a mil. because you killed your family and friends and everyone you loved, Sorry I wish for my internet to be faster
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