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Exact Circle Size

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Is there any way to create circles that are exactly the size I want? By clicking and dragging I seem I get circles that start and end in wrong place and not exact size I want. Like say I want a circle with diameter of 28 so on a 32x32 tile i has 2 pixels padding around each side.

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  • Open a new layer
  • Active the Grid (pixel grid)
  • Disable AntiAlias
  • Select the Brush tool, click on Brush Width to highlight it, then type the diameter that you need
  • Paint your circle with the brush by a one very stable click, that's all, and if you want to antialias it, use Radial Blur
  • Hint: zoom in and try to center your click in the center of the canvas with help of the Gird to get the most uniform circle shape

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