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Jumping layers

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I have found recently that it is difficult to activate the layer I want.

What happens is I might be working on the 4th or 5th layer (any lower one of an image with 40 - 50 layers or more ) and then once I`ve finished with that layer I might need to work on say the 38th layer - any layer a long way up in the layer count. So I scroll up to that layer but when I click on it to activate it the program jumps back down to the layer I was previously working on. So I scroll back up again and pick the new layer and the same thing happens. With the image I am working on at the moment it took 5 attempts before PDN finally accepted that I wanted to work on a different layer. This has happened in all the images with high layer counts. Normally I keep the layer count as low as possible so up to now have not had this problem.

You can eventually pick the layer you want but only after a few tries.

I don`t know why this happens but I just thought I would mention it as it seems like a bug in PDN.



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