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How to Make Toy Story Text


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In this tutorial, you're going to learn how to create text like in my signature.



Plugins Needed:

Outline Object


Drop Shadow

Bevel Selection

Before you go on, you must know that the text ends up very aliased if you don't anti-alias it during the process of making it. I'm not going to tell you "Anti-alias here," you have to use your own discretion with that, because each image is different.

1. To start off, open Paint.Net and make a new image that's about triple the size of you ending image (for aliasing reasons.) My image is 1200x1200 (therefore, the ending image will be 400 x 400)

2. Create a new layer, and use the text tool on impact and type your text, make sure it fits the whole image (or else it'll be small when you resize). Put spaces between each letter. The hex code of the color you use should be around F6D702.

3. Effects-object-outline object with 1B3A86. Again, each image is different, so just try to get the same ratio as in my image.


4. Now switch to the magical wand, with the tolerance at 50%, and select the blue parts and paste them on the layer above.


5. Duplicate the layer with the blue outline, select the bottom blue outline layer and then go to adjustments-brightness and contrast.

Brightness: -30

Contrast: 0


6. On the bottom outline layer, use trail at these settings:

Distance: Use your discretion for your size image, I used 13.

Spacing: 1

Direction: 230

Fade out: Unchecked

High Quality: Checked

Now it should look something like this:


7. Duplicate the top blue outline layer and run drop shadow:

Offset X and Y: Discretion!

Widening radius: 0

Blur radius: 1

Shadow opacity: 100

Shadow color: Black

Keep original image: unchecked

8. Move this layer below the dark outline layer. Go to the top layer (the blue outline layer) and select the outside areas, than take that selection to the shadow layer, and delete it.

Your image should now look like this:


9. Now merge all of the layers that have anything to do with the text (AKA anything that isn't the background), and select copy and paste all of you letters in a different layer.

10. Using layers-rotate/zoom, tilt each letter to the side so they look something like this:


11. Duplicate each layer except for the last letter in each word and than run drop shadow at the same settings as before but only run it in the bottom layer in the group of the two same letters.

Your layers window should look like this:


And the actual image like this:


12. Now by selecting the outline of the letter after the one who's shadow you're working with (I know, it's confusing.), delete the shadow. Pretty much, delete anything on the shadow that is only on the background.

It should end up like this:


B(onus)1. Now to do the "Story Series" in my signature, draw a rectangle that's filled in that's color is D40028. Select it, than bevel it (Black and white bevel.) so it looks something like this:


b2. Than using the roll/rotate tool in layers-rotate/zoom, tilt it so it looks like this:


b3. Then add your text in the same color as the text before, and you're done!

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Maximum dimension allowed is 800 pixels.


You can crop/resize to make the images fit,

and add a direct link to the full-size image, if you want.

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