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.gif image quality

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Hiya! This might be a silly question but I am wondering if there's a way to improve the image quality when you save something that is a pdn file with layers to a compressed .gif file? I'll use a photo as a base and put a frame and some embellishments on them, but when I flatten them as they are saved as .gifs the image clarity goes away when I upload them to my hosting site and paste the links to them..they end up looking grainy for lack of a better word and not "picture" quality..here's an example of an image I embellished. It ends up looking more like a painting then a photo image and it's a great photo of sunrise behind mountains. :( Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated! :)http://i980.photobucket.com/albums/ae284/mtnkayla/sunrisemtn9.gif

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