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Applying textures

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Hi all,

For the last two hours i've been looking for a way to apply textures to my drawing.

I have a paving texture, so far so good... but how can I apply this to my drawing (rotated and all?)

All help is welcome :-)


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First, you should ensure that your paving texture is tileable...you can make it seamless by using "seamless texture generator", "tile image", or "mirror" plugins.

Then make a selection you want filled with your paving texture by using :RectangleSelectTool::EllipseSelectTool: or :LassoSelectTool:

Then, by using either "photo flood fill" or "tile fill addin" plugin, you can seamlessly repeat the paving texture across your selection.

All the plugins within quotes can be found using search.

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I found the plugins you discribed, thank you for that!

Now my question is, is it also possible to create depth with the textures?

For this the textures need to be rotated and disappear into the horizon (dont know the English word for that)

This way the paving would look real, instead of pasted ^^

Thnx in advance,


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