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PNG : option to NOT save Gamma

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When saving to PNG, there is no option to NOT save gamma correction information, so the image get wrong colors when used on sites browsed by Internet Explorer.

Can you add an option to not save those informations ?


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Perhaps I'm crazy, but I don't ever recall seeing a Gamma option in the PNG file compression dialog box. I know that Adobe Photoshop have the ability to create Web safe color pallete, but I don't think that PDN has that capability yet.

What says you other plugin authors? Pryochild, Simon Brown?

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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There isn't an option in the save dialog, but Paint.NET (or, more accurately, the .NET framework) still saves gamma data.



And having to open the saved images into gimp and save them again only to remove these gamma informations is painfull.

A simple option in the save dialog box would be really usefull.

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