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FileType Plugin: Getting Started

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There's a lot of file type plugins. I don't know which one that is. What type of file did you want to be able to save as?

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Hello guys,

I've tried the template above, but there are lots of things that I didn’t understand. What is scratchSurface in OnSave event and whyall the pixels there are the same color? What is the ProgressEventHandler and what SaveConfigToken is needed for? I’ve found that there are layers listed in the input Document, so do I have any method to merge them in one, or should I save them separately?

StillPaint.net is not open source I can’t understand how it works inside, so do you have any tutorial on how to write a filetype plugin?

Thanks in advance

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It just keeps telling me that PaintDotNet.document.Render(PaintDotNet.RenderArgs) is obsolete, did any of you encounter that problem? What should I do?

Edit: Ok, got it. You need to provide a second Argument as well....

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