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Memory Leak? (3.0.2458.3150)

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I'm not sure if there is even technically such thing as a memory leak in managed code but here is what I saw.

I open up about 8 large JPEGs and the memory usage according to task manager is 150, 300 (RAM, Virtual). I proceed to close all the images using the X's in the upper right thumbnail panel. After this there are no images open and the memory usage is about 200,300. I then open an image from file and start working with it and my hard drive starts clicking away since the memory usage is now about 210,300 (I only have 384 RAM).

I know managed code is going to free some of the memory when it can, but is there anything that can be done about this?

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Oh wow, you are right.

And yes, there are such things as memory leaks in managed code. They are extra nefarious to find.

And they are especially easy to make when you are allocating non-managed heap memory, like we do a lot.

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Wow...good call, evanolds. I was sorta wondering why my computer was having some memory use issues after testing to see what happens to the thumbnail viewer when you open up a bunch of stuff a few days ago. A memory leak certainly explains the problem...the heap can be nasty.

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