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Help with spacescape

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Hey guys, I got inspired to make a cool spacescape earlier... I swear it looked better in my head :/. There are a few things I am seeking help for on this image. First of all, the moon-like surface I made is flat, if anyone could give me tips on how to give it depth, I would highly appreciate it. Also, I was looking at Goonfella's gallery and saw his epic spacescapes, with ships, satellites, asteroid belts, nebulae, etc etc, all that stuff. It would be really cool to have a tut on how to create such complex 3D objects, along with the textures and such. Although since space ships can vary in many areas, only a complex 3D (starter ship) tutorial with great ways to get the textures would be accepted.

here is my image:


P.S. too bad the Shape3D plugin can't make complex shapes.

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I say this a lot, but I swear: I do want to make tutorials for some of my spacescape making techniques. As Rick says, the problem is "just doing it." :)

There are many many space tutorials on DeviantART, though most are geared towards Photoshop. You can try looking there and converting the steps from Photoshop to PdN. Also, there are a few space tutorials here on the Paint.NET forum that I bet would help you out. However, the ones I've looked at are unfortunately rather broken by the forum move.

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Yeah I checked out many SS tuts here, but the one with good nebulae I couldn't follow correctly, I found it kind of hard to understand :/

I'm not sure why you think S3D can't make complex shapes ?

It's all a case of playing around with different settings to find what you want.

The 3D Object plug-in on Torus can give great results too.

Dood that's a nice pic!

I was trying to make a satellite... I was doing okay until I tried making the solar panels.. the scaling limit of 5 really hurts xP.

I'll try and see what I can come up with now, your picture gave me inspiration :D

Edit: Here's what I got.... I really need to brush up on my texture skills... (no pun intended)


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Thats not a bad start Weylin. Welshy is right about S3D. I made the spacestation in my sig mainly using S3D. Also this plug in combined with 3D Object is how I made the ring shapes. Just play around a bit, I think you`ll be surprised what you can achieve.

For a good spaceship texture I used this PS tut -


Again, it means finding workarounds but I guarantee it will make you better at PDN.

For the texture in your spacescape you could try using a few distort plug ins to make it more `hilly'. Perspective, Point warp and power stretch would be a good start. Also try using the Lasso Select tool to shape the horizon so it is not as flat.

I started out by doing every space tutorial I could find both PDN, Gimp and PS. You soon pick things up. Here are a few PS tuts to wet your appetite -


Have fun. Any questions just ask. We are all here to help. ;)



Please feel free to visit my Gallery on PDNFans

And my Alternatives to PDN

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