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Noise Reduction Plugin

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Hi Nicolas, nice to have a new member here! :D

I've tested your plugin and it works fine with well results.

But the (I think build in) Reduce Noise ( Effects -> Noise -> Reduce Noise ) does the same job! And, if you play with the preferences, it will bring the same result!

Source picture:



With YOUR plugin:






So there are just minor things in the clouds - but I didn't change anything to the standard preferences of REDUCE NOISE.

It's nice to see that you want to develop something for PDN but I think for noise reducing there is a good plugin published!

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Thank you for your answer, It's true that on your picture it didn't change anything.

But I wanted to remove the Jpg artefact on a PCB (electronic) picture.

I had the feeling than the plugin I wrote was working better (and was easier to configure) on few colored images.

I attach an example (left -> original, middle -> paint net, right -> my plugin). But it's sure my plugin is really slow.

But I perhaps don't know well how to setup the original effect.

Nicolas Coquard

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Ah, okay. Now I know what your aim was to write this plugin. To sum it, your plugin is could be better used with low colouramount pictures much nicer, because it is not that "complicated" like the build in effect!

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