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Paint.net is nolonger working, framwork or plugins

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I downloaded the plug-in manager which requires service pack 2 xp, im running win7 64 bit which should have allowed me to use service pack 2 but of course not, so instead i turned off framework 3.5 (that worked before using a dff. app). But still didnt work, i gave up and manually separated all my files/.dlls into their proper folder cuz I was missing lots of plugins. I have turned framework 3.5 back on, but Paint.net still will not open with a message saying"Paint.net has stopped working, we are looking for the problem", then disappears off the screen. Now what? Did I mess this up by placing files in the files folder and .dll in effects folder...didnt touch anything else. Feel free to email me at holley2583@live.com if you have some ideas...im so sick of this HP bloody potato already...

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On Vista the Plugin Manager needs to be opened

with a right-click > Run As Administrator...


This may or might not sort out things.

Try running PdnRepair:

Program Files/Paint.NET/PdnRepair.exe

Then reboot your PC.


If that doesn't fix things:

Try running chkdsk, with the /f parameter, from the command line.

chkdsk with /f parameter

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well i used the repair utility, but i have zero plugins anymore...did i do this from the serive pak2 thing, or because i separated .dll's from everything else. I would do a recover, but now my C drive is corrupted and wow, what a waste of time and energy. Maybe there's another utility that would enable paint.net to communicate with the plugin files again? I mean i have well over a hundred files/.dll's just sitting there. Im still not sure whats going on with the c drive, but i did an R9 restart, and it seems fine...

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