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Simple Color Swap Plugin?

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Isn't there a plug-in that will simply swap the alpha channel with a grayscale value?

It would be simple to make...






and so on...

I found the Color to Alpha <http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=25155&hilit=advanced> plugin, but that is too complicated really.

CodeLab makes me giddy inside :)


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I made a plugin that does exactly what you want.

Let me see if I can find it.

EDIT: Here it is...

// Author: BoltBait
// URL: http://www.BoltBait.com/pdn
// Name: Alpha to Gray
// Submenu: Object
#region UICode
byte Amount1 = 0; // Convert|Alpha to Gray|Gray to Alpha
bool Amount2 = false; // [0,1] Invert calculation

private UnaryPixelOps.Desaturate desaturateOp = new UnaryPixelOps.Desaturate();

void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect)
   ColorBgra CurrentPixel;
   for (int y = rect.Top; y     {
       for (int x = rect.Left; x         {
           CurrentPixel = src[x,y];
               case 0: // Alpha to Gray
                   CurrentPixel.R = CurrentPixel.A;
                   CurrentPixel.G = CurrentPixel.A;
                   CurrentPixel.B = CurrentPixel.A;
                   CurrentPixel.A = (byte)255;
                   if (Amount2)
                       CurrentPixel.R = (byte)(255-CurrentPixel.R);
                       CurrentPixel.G = (byte)(255-CurrentPixel.G);
                       CurrentPixel.B = (byte)(255-CurrentPixel.;
               case 1: // Gray to Alpha
                   CurrentPixel.A = (byte)(255-(desaturateOp.Apply(CurrentPixel).R));
                   if (Amount2)
                       CurrentPixel.A = (byte)(255-CurrentPixel.A);
           dst[x,y] = CurrentPixel;

Are you familiar with CodeLab? If not, here is the effect DLL:


Place it into your C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects folder and unzip the file.

If you have trouble installing this, post your troubles here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2023

By the way, did you know that this type of thing is really easy with pyrochild's Curves+ plugin? There is no need for this plugin if you are proficient with Curves+.

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