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  1. Introducing Gralpha, the simplest Grayscale to Alpha Adjustment out there! (5 lines!) You can adjust which grayscale value you want to be interpreted as completely transparent, as well as another Alpha threshold which I don't really know why I put it there, but it does make for a completely user/canvas dependent plugin! First Plugin ever! Hope you like it Note: It is listed under the Adjustments menu.
  2. Is the any way to make this kind of a Shine Effect? I tried several types of motion blur/glow but nothing quite captures the glory
  3. CodeLab is awesome! Thanks for taking responsibility for it -- I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way And excellent plugin! CodeLab is making me giddy.... O.O
  4. Isn't there a plug-in that will simply swap the alpha channel with a grayscale value? It would be simple to make... RRGGBB-->AA FFFFFF-->FF ABABAB-->AB 161616-->16 000000-->00 and so on... I found the Color to Alpha <> plugin, but that is too complicated really.
  5. yes, positive.. ahh I can see the example image so clearly in my mind.... this is soo frustrating...gah
  6. has anybody found anything? I'm on page 12 of 'tutorial cut out effect'
  7. yes, sorry hey, at least I know my image is good enough for someone to guess I've been searching the forums for about an hour now, but I just can't seem to find it...
  8. I remember seeing it somewhere when I was researching something else, but now the time has come for it... Does anybody know where the tutorial is that shows how to do this kind of thing? (I made this in like 2 and a half minutes, don't be hatin' 7.07 kilobytes 800x600 PNG Hidden Content: