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montage of 4 images

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I want to place 4 images on an 11x17 canvas and cannot seem to figure out a way to do it. I have searched the forum, looked at several tutorials and still no go. I am pretty green at this kind of software so I may have canvas and layer and image concepts all wrong. Should be quite a simple task I would think. The images are 2MB images that need to be downsized and rotated into position on the canvas... like 4 5x7 images nicely placed on the 11x17 canvas...

can someone explain the steps or point me at a post or tutorial.


Newbie Rich

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Click File > New. Under Print Size, change the numbers to 11" and 17". You now have a canvas at the right size. You can now open each individual image, and for each one, select all ( Ctrl + A ), Copy ( Ctrl + C ), and paste ( Ctrl + V ) it into the 11x17 canvas. Hold Shift, then drag the corners of the selection until it is resized to your liking. Then, move the selection around to where you want it to fit, then when you are done, deselect ( Ctrl + D ). Do this for all 4 images, and you should have a nice photo montage. Note: if you want to print the image in nice quality, be sure to use 300 pixels per inch (go to Pixel Size and change the dimensions to 3300 pixels and 5100 pixels. )

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