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How do I make someone into Gold?

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Hey guys/gals

I'm new here so be nice :P

I just have a quick question, it might be really straight forward but I'm not sure how to go about it.

I have an image of a friend, I want to make him gold like an Oscar for a Christmas card. Is there a tool where I can just make him a golden colour?

If this has already been asked, apologies. I just couldn't find it in the forum but maybe I'm looking for the wrong terminology.

I have already cut him out using the wand so just need to know what to do next please.

Many thanks in advance! :D

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5 easy steps:

1. First, install the two plugin packs listed below.

2. Next, run Paint.NET and select the person.

3. Then, run the following Metalize plugin: [/url] Metallize

with the following settings: 0, 3

4. Finally, run the following Color Balance plugin: Color Balance

with the following settings: 0, -16, -64

5. Send payment via PayPal

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