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Ideas for possible new features..

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Here are some suggestions that would be beneficial when working...


-grips used for scaling are around the page rather than around the image being transformed.

Layer organization/functionality:

Personally I'm a photoshop user (when I can use it) but I usually like to remain tidy when I work. Folders are good with this. As for moving layers, I'd think people would agree with just dragging the layer as opposed to using an arrow to move it.


-horizontal/vertical lines: Paint, eraser, and other tools should be able to draw these perfectly by holding shift.

-pen tool? Would allow for angles to be made without trying to hassle with other tools.

Lol I make it seem like there are issues with the program, however I am quite pleased with many features that this program has that photoshop doesn't.. Gradient tool has grips.. BEST IDEA EVER.

So what looks like it would be added? For that matter are any of these possible?

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At the beginning I want to tell You that the team of programmers that are working on Paint.Net have priorities on the application development. Having ideas is not bad, but keep in mind the Paint.Net is not application where features are added be demand. The main goal of the existing Paint.Net project is to make a optimized, easy to use, stable, easy to debug graphic application; NOT make a graphical environment with more features than anyone can count.

By the way, my ideas:


- Plugin manager with a plugin online store

- Vector layers, text layers, transform layers, adjustment layers

- More color adjustments (Exposure...)

- Effects / Filter Gallery (preview)

- Advanced Text Effects (MS Office)

- A tiny 3D support (making can with the label of the image)

What do you think of this?

Apple rules. Microsoft rules. Paint.Net rules. God Bless America.

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zurko45 and Genius, Leif is correct, this has already been brought up in the Popular Request thread. Second, the Ribbon interface has been discussed before with some users for and against the interface change. What do you say we just stick with what we have and be thankful that Rick has put in hard work into the development of a brilliant program for free? By the way, Genius, there's only person programming Paint.NET.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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