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Cutting Text from an Image Plugin?

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Hello to all.

I also used the same way to cut the text from the picture but it leaves some fadding effect on the picture. It seems not to be clear and can be seen that something has been removed from there. So it is not giving clear-cut effect. Is there any other way you guys know to remove text, then feel free to inform me. It will be great healp for me because that picure I have to present in my seminar work and it is the key picture for it. Without that picture my work is totally incomplete.

when thre is a will there is a way.

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You could use the Alpha Mask plugin, but unless you're really worried about quality, the magic wand is the easiest way to do what you want to do.


What I mean't is

where the text is filed with an image, and the background outside the text is a solid color or a different image or pattern?

Similar to the Following Link

http://people.opera.com/dstorey/images/ ... xample.svg

Thanks Frank

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