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  1. Renda4

    Alien landscape?

    Was This Tutorial ever Posted in the Tutorials Forum? or Anything Similar to It? Or Maybe a GIMP Version
  2. Renda4

    Paint.NET 4.0 & Photo Flood Fill Plug-In?

    Thanks BoltBait!! Frank
  3. Hi Will Photo Flood Fill Plug-In? be ever Updated for use with Version 4? Ever Since I Updated to Paint,net 4 Photo Flood Fill is a No Show on the Effects Menu! Is there any other way to Add Textures to Selections? I mean Every Just about Paint Program That I Have seen can add Textures using their Bucket Tool. Why not Thanks Frank
  4. Hi What I mean't is where the text is filed with an image, and the background outside the text is a solid color or a different image or pattern? Similar to the Following Link ... xample.svg Thanks Frank
  5. Hi! I have seen in the Forums a Tutorial that shows how you Can Cut Text from an Image. viewtopic.php?f=37&t=29856 I was Wondering if there is an Plugin or other software that can do it Automatically? Thanks Frank
  6. Hi! Is it Possible to Hide unused Plug-ins from the menu so all that is Listed on the Effects Menu is What you most often to avoid the Clutter? Thanks Frank
  7. Hello! How can PS,PSPpro & Gimp Palettes be Converted to's:?: Frank
  8. Hey! Anybody Know of a Palette Viewer that Can view the following in a Color Chart? Paint.NET color palette (*.txt) Adobe color palette (*.aco) Adobe CS3 color palette (*.ase) Google Lists Countless Color Pickers but no viewer. Frank
  9. Renda4

    Cookie Cutter Effect?

    You were! Works Great! Thanks! Frank
  10. Renda4

    Color Palette Generator

    Thanks will check it out!! Frank
  11. Hi! I found a Site that you Enter the URL of an image to get a color palette that matches the image. The Website is I was hoping if there is a Offline Program that does same thing usually whenever I find these online tools they tend to be taken down after a while. so I figure that an Offline version would be better. Thanks! Frank
  12. Hi I am New around Here & New to Paint.Net as well! I was Hoping to find out if Paint has a Cookie Cutter Effect like Arcsoft's Photoimpression where the Cookie Cutter turns Photos into shapes by croping away everything outside the shape? of if there is a Freeware Program that Can do this? Thanks! Frank