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  1. Was This Tutorial ever Posted in the Tutorials Forum? or Anything Similar to It? Or Maybe a GIMP Version
  2. Hi Will Photo Flood Fill Plug-In? be ever Updated for use with Version 4? Ever Since I Updated to Paint,net 4 Photo Flood Fill is a No Show on the Effects Menu! Is there any other way to Add Textures to Selections? I mean Every Just about Paint Program That I Have seen can add Textures using their Bucket Tool. Why not Thanks Frank
  3. Hi What I mean't is where the text is filed with an image, and the background outside the text is a solid color or a different image or pattern? Similar to the Following Link ... xample.svg Thanks Frank
  4. Hi! I have seen in the Forums a Tutorial that shows how you Can Cut Text from an Image. viewtopic.php?f=37&t=29856 I was Wondering if there is an Plugin or other software that can do it Automatically? Thanks Frank
  5. Hi! Is it Possible to Hide unused Plug-ins from the menu so all that is Listed on the Effects Menu is What you most often to avoid the Clutter? Thanks Frank
  6. Hello! How can PS,PSPpro & Gimp Palettes be Converted to's:?: Frank
  7. Hey! Anybody Know of a Palette Viewer that Can view the following in a Color Chart? Paint.NET color palette (*.txt) Adobe color palette (*.aco) Adobe CS3 color palette (*.ase) Google Lists Countless Color Pickers but no viewer. Frank
  8. Hi! I found a Site that you Enter the URL of an image to get a color palette that matches the image. The Website is I was hoping if there is a Offline Program that does same thing usually whenever I find these online tools they tend to be taken down after a while. so I figure that an Offline version would be better. Thanks! Frank
  9. Hi I am New around Here & New to Paint.Net as well! I was Hoping to find out if Paint has a Cookie Cutter Effect like Arcsoft's Photoimpression where the Cookie Cutter turns Photos into shapes by croping away everything outside the shape? of if there is a Freeware Program that Can do this? Thanks! Frank